Wedding Books - Queensberry

We are proud to offer Queensberry® Wedding Books on our select packages.

Queensberry® is considered the “Hermes” or “Jimmy Choo” of Wedding Albums.  Each book is crafted by hand, with love.  All leathers are from the finest tanneries, as well as the best man-made alternatives.  The papers and boards come from environmentally sustainable European mills. These are hand-made to ensure their suitability for long-term photographic presentation, and textured to enhance the paper’s natural qualities. Each page you turn is one to remember.

No words can describe the quality and craftsmanship of a Queensberry® Album.  When we meet for a consultation, ask me to show you a sample album.  But be careful of what you wish for, once you run your fingers through this album you are going to want it.  As did I the first time I laid my eyes and hands on it.