As a Wedding and Portrait Photographer, I am crazy about skin tones.  All of the photos in the viewing gallery are color-corrected to expose accurate skin tones.  Once the photos go to the lab for printing, they are retouched - stray hairs are removed, skin is smoothed and the eyes are enhanced.  The sample photo below shows the difference between what's out-of-camera, color-corrected and retouched.


As you can see, depending on the available light when a photo is taken, the camera can go haywire on color accuracy.  Unfortunately, even the latest cameras are not smart enough to detect the proper skin tone.  And for this reason why color-correction is done on every photo. To further enhance the image, we do minor retouching on EVERY print order.  Artistic edits can also be done on a per request basis.  E-mail us for more info.