Vietnamese-Style Chicken Wings

When I lived in the valley back in the late 90's, I frequented a place called Bale Valley, a family owned vietnamese restaurant that served pho and other traditional viet dishes.

But Bale Valley is known for their "Chicken".  You just walk in and say you want the "chicken" and after a few minutes your server will give you this plate with white rice and a whole butterflied deep fried cornish hen.  It was so crispy you can eat the entire upper part of the chicken, including the bones.  While they claim the recipe is secret, most say that they use the traditional vietnamese style marinade which primarily consisted of fish sauce and rice vinegar.  

Even after I left the valley I constant craved Bale Valley's chicken.  But now living on the west side, it's difficult for me to get to Canoga Park so every time I craved for it, I just ignored it.

Until I decided to make my own version of the vietnamese chicken.  Not bad for the first attempt.  But instead of experimenting with a cornish hen, I opted to start with chicken wings...