Vietnamese-Style Chicken Wings

When I lived in the valley back in the late 90's, I frequented a place called Bale Valley, a family owned vietnamese restaurant that served pho and other traditional viet dishes.

But Bale Valley is known for their "Chicken".  You just walk in and say you want the "chicken" and after a few minutes your server will give you this plate with white rice and a whole butterflied deep fried cornish hen.  It was so crispy you can eat the entire upper part of the chicken, including the bones.  While they claim the recipe is secret, most say that they use the traditional vietnamese style marinade which primarily consisted of fish sauce and rice vinegar.  

Even after I left the valley I constant craved Bale Valley's chicken.  But now living on the west side, it's difficult for me to get to Canoga Park so every time I craved for it, I just ignored it.

Until I decided to make my own version of the vietnamese chicken.  Not bad for the first attempt.  But instead of experimenting with a cornish hen, I opted to start with chicken wings...

Spigen Air Skin case for the iPhone 6

I've always liked my iPhone naked.  I hated cases... they made phones bulky and ugly.  And protection-wise, most cases will fail anyway unless you use an otterbox which will turn your phone into a size of a brick anyway.

But when I upgraded to the iPhone 6, I noticed that there is zero grip on the phone and it felt like it's always going to slip out of my hands.  

I started looking for cases and most of them made the iPhone 6 as thick as the 5.  One of the reasons I upgraded to 6 was because of it's size - the thickness is really nice.  So I know I didn't want any case that will make the phone thicker.

Then I found the Spigen Air Case - Jackpot!

It's as thick as an ISO 800 film.  It's not rubbery at all and provides just the right amount of grip and at .4mm thick, it's nor really noticable.

Protection?  Forget about it.  I got the case for the grip, not the protection.  This provides zero protection if you drop your phone.  But then again, with 95% of the cases out there, it won't provide any protection if you drop your phone at a certain angle from a certain height.

The best protection you can give your new shiny mobile device is to get a device insurance from your carrier.  Verizon offers it for $9.95/month with a $200 deductible.  It might sound a lot but think about it - if you drop your new iPhone 6 tomorrow, you'll be paying $649 (16GB) to get a new one.  But this is a different discussion.

I've had the case for 2 weeks (at the time of this writing) and I'm loving it so far.  People always ask about the case - because it looks almost non-existent and it lets the beauty of the iPhone 6 shine.eaG

iOauto Pro Magnetic Mount by ProClip USA

I have always been a big fan of ProClip's car mounts for mobile devices.  I started using them since the iPhone 4 days.  I like the fact that the actual mount is specific to the make and model of your vehicle and is not the generic "suction cup" or "A/C vent" cradles.

ProClip makes mounts depending on the make and model of your car - some cars have multiple mounts (center console; dashboard or a-pillar).  Once you decide on which mount to get, you choose the cradle that's specific to your mobile device.

When I had my iPhone 4 I used a cradle that had a pass-thru charging port.  When I upgraded to the iPhone 5, I chose the "cradle-only" version but I had to plug-in the lightning cable every time and it always slid-up.  Not the best experience but I didn't complain.

Now with the iPhone 6, I know I didn't want to deal with sliding issue so I know I'm going to have to look for an alternative.  And I found it - the ProClip USA iOauto Pro magnetic mount.

I love magnets.  And what they came up with is actually pretty brilliant.  The iOauto Pro uses the same mount, you replace the "cradle" with the magnetic attachment and you stick a metal sticket at the back of your phone--in my case, I placed the sticker in the case.  The sticker is about the size of a quarter and is pretty thin (maybe as thick as 2 post-its).  The magnet is pretty strong and yet no negative effects on the phone.

One caveat is that it doesn't work with phones that are designed to detect magnetic cover cases like the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Mega, LG G3, Moto G and HTC One (M8).  

It works great for the iPhones though... it looks like its floating.  And I can attach the charging cables without it sliding anywhere.

Check it out!