Jed & Charm - An Odyssey Granada Hills Wedding

Most people would think that three (3) months is too short to plan a wedding.  Not to Jed & Charm - they have proven that with the right people to support you on your wedding planning, there won't be any deadlines to get in the way of their awesome wedding.  

All-day precipitation did not stop these two from tying the knot - or should I say, "the rope".  Charm's parents were thousands of miles away, but with the power of technology, they we're able to witness everything, from getting ready all the way through the reception via Skype.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I have enjoyed shooting your wedding.  It was truly an honor to be chosen to document Jed & Charm's wedding day.  

Special thanks to Cesar Palima, Jr. for rocking this wedding with me!

I hope you enjoyed these photos.  To view the entire set, please CLICK HERE.